ShakaBall Beach Game

Shaka Ball Beach Game

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Shaka Ball is the best 4 players outdoor game to play with kids, friends, and family!

The game can be played indoors, outdoors, on the lawn, in the yard, at the park, or in the driveway. It's great for family activities, vacations, tailgating parties, camping trips, barbecues, picnics, and other social events.

The Standard Kit comes with the Shaka Ball set, two balls, four wood paddles, the court, and a carrying backpack for easy transport! It takes less than a minute to set up and play, and the court easily fits back into its portable backpack to put away in your trunk, closet, or garage.


Setting up the Shaka Ball court is easy and just takes a minute. Just take everything out of the carry bag, “Pop & Drop'“ the center circle onto the ground, extend the black straps outward from the circle. lay the red strap in a circle outside the black straps, and connect with the velcro.


To pack up, just un-velcro the black straps, “Snap & Wrap” the center circle and wrap the black straps around the collapsed center circle. Put into the bag first, then coil the red strap around your arm and slide the paddles and red strap into the carry bag over the center circle.


Fun for the whole family!

What a fun outdoor game. Takes about 2 minutes to set up and learn.

- Darin S. Campbell

Shaka Ball ROCKS

This game is extremely fun 4 square with a Californian surfer touch!

- Lindsay R.

Great beach game!

Played for hours! Loved it

- Susie Willson