How to Set Up

ShakaBall is easy to set up... first, start with the "Pop & Drop"


Set up the court only takes 1 minute...



  • Lay down the ShakaBall backpack, and take out the circle, straps, and paddles. Find a flat, open area for the court and first set up the center circle.
  • Pop open the Collapsible Shaka Circle. BE CAREFUL (it pops open quickly)!
  • Lay the Shaka Circle on flat ground and pull the attached black straps straight out from the circle.
  • Unravel the Red Outer Circle Strap, and lay it down in a larger circle outside the Shaka Circle. Velcro the ends of the Red Outer Circle Strap together to the circle.
  • Attach the black Shaka Circle straps to the Red Outer Circle using the Velcro at the ends of the black Shaka Circle straps readjust as needed to create 4 relatively equal sized "slices" that the Shaka-Ballers will play inside.
  • Pull the paddles and a ball out of your ShakaBall Backpack and get your game face on!




Packing up ShakaBall is super easy... first start with the "Snap & Wrap"


Packing up ShakaBall only takes 1 minute...


Packing Up:

  • First, undo the velco on the end of the black straps from the red strap / outer circle
  • Next, pick up the center circle and hold it up with your hands out wide on opposite sides of the circle. 
  • "Snap & Wrap": this is the fun part... with your arms still out wide, start slowly twisting the circle so that it collapses and starts to fold onto itself. Continue to twist as the circle collapses into three smaller overlapping circles. Then wrap the collapsed circle with the black straps. Put into the backpack.
  • Next, undo the velcro of the red strap and hold one end in your hand. With your other hand, start to wrap the strap around your elbow and palm over and over until the strap is fully coiled. Put the coiled strap into the backpack alongside the circle. 
  • Lastly, out the four paddles in the backpack alongside the circle/strap. Put the ball in the pocket. 
  • Finished!